Cabbage Salad

A great, really versatile Everyday Cabbage Salad. Think of it like Coleslaw – minus the mayo dressing. Pairs brilliantly with light dishes as sea food and fish, as well as as rich hearty dishes as stews and roasts. Can’t-Stop-Eating-It delicious!

Close up of Everyday Cabbage Salad with a vinaigrette

An excellent Cabbage Salad for everything!
Keeping this post very short and sweet since it is an additional recipe I am publishing now alongside the Brown Sugar Garlic Butter Pork Roast!

The dressing is actually a little tangy (not sharp) with a touch of sweet, and it is neutral sufficient to serve alongside nearly every main, any Cuisine. I would serve it as a side for nearly any Western dish, it is definitely at home with European dishes (Western and eastern), South American and Asian and indian even.

It is a great stand by salad because cabbage holds up extremely well as soon as chopped, which means you are able to have bags of the shredded cabbage in the refrigerator alongside a jar of the dressing, then toss it together if you want it.

Provide it with a little bit of some time to wilt, just love Coleslaw – the cabbage is going to sag as well as the salad becomes nice and juicy. No person really wants to attempt to shove stiff bits of cabbage sticking out everywhere into their mouth!!

Vinaigrette being poured over Everyday Cabbage Salad in a white colored bowl

What I set in Cabbage Salad
I create this with only green cabbage (any type) or even while I wish to put in a splash of colour, I blend it up with purple cabbage and carrot, as pictured. A touch of green onion would not go astray either, but there is ample tang in the dressing such it is not necessary.

What this goes with
I call this my Everyday Cabbage Salad since it is just that. Perform it with everything from Schnitzel to Pan Fish that is Fried, Meatloaf to Baked Chicken Breasts. Check it out with these fabulous Sun Dried Tomato Stuffed Chicken breasts, quick crispy Garlic Chicken Thighs or maybe these sticky Country Baked Pork Chops.

With a couple of small tweaks I have recommended in the recipe notes, it could be quickly converted into an Asian Salad to experience as a side area with any Asian meal, which includes Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese.

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